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A simple technology that means big savings for your cooling tower and boiler processes. 

Building owners can save water, save money, and put clean water back into the system – all while potentially improving their LEED certification which helps attracts new tenants at higher rates.”

– Ben Stapleton, Executive Director, US Green Building Council – Los Angeles


HydroFlux has been officially selected into US Green Building Council Los Angeles’ 2022
Net Zero Accelerator Cohort.


The Challenge

In cooling towers across the country, millions of gallons of water are wasted every year — cycled on average only 1.75 times before being lost in the process of blowdown.


Due to the numerous chemicals typically used to keep it ‘clean,’ cooling tower blowdown water is not potable. It can’t be repurposed, and the cost of its waste is staggering — both to our planet and to your pocketbook.


And those aren’t the only costs that are climbing. As you read this, scale deposits continue to build within the pipes of your cooling towers, creating more strain on water flow. 


More friction. More waste. More needless expenses.

Chemical costs. Maintenance costs. Energy costs. Millions of gallons, and millions of dollars, all washed away.


And then, the cycle begins anew…


is the Solution

HydroFlux relies on lab-tested, field-tested , environmentally safe magnetic technology that installs in less than a day — all without modifications to your existing system.


Supported by data from ASHRAE and the Federal Department of Energy, HydroFlux provides powerful microbe growth control and an environmentally sound solution that doesn’t heavily rely on hazardous chemicals or on routine labor.

In fact, all it requires is an attractive bracelet.

By fitting snugly around nearly any pipe and exerting 1 Tesla of magnetic force on water flow, our eco-friendly attachment rapidly crystalizes calcium carbonate (CaCO3) into its aragonite form, preventing scale development and dramatically reducing water waste.

Simultaneously, this same bracelet battles bacteria and breaks down scale that may already have formed — allowing unwanted elements to be swept away without substantial chemical treatment.

And it’s all backed by $2 million insurance coverage for Legionnaire's disease, viruses, and mold — a competitive advantage you’ll find nowhere else.

The Benefits

HydroFlux is anti-scalant, anti-microbial, and anti-corrosive — and best of all, it yields big savings in energy, water, maintenance costs, chemical use, and sewage blowdown.


Safer Water
& Equipment

  • Elimination of harsh acids that favor germ growth

  • Elimination of anti-corrosive and anti-germicidal chemicals

  • Elimination of chemical-based health risks


Massive Savings & Conservation

  • Sizable reductions in system-wide energy and electrical costs

  • Increased cycles of concentration (COC) for water re-use

  • Reduction of sewage fees

  • Millions of gallons of water saved



  • Prevention and elimination of scale build-up

  • Reduction of system-wide wear and tear

90% of all HydroFlux applications have demonstrated 
a net decrease in both water waste and chemical use.


Review and download several documents and studies on the impact
HydroFlux can make on a cooling tower and boiler system.

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Let’s Get Started

HydroFlux makes the world — and your enterprise — a cleaner and healthier place.


It’s time to modernize your water treatment strategy, strengthen your scale elimination processes, and potentially reduce your cooling tower’s operational cost by up to 50%.


For any inquiries, or to view our US patent, contact: 

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Ready to reduce your operational costs? Increase productivity?
Contribute to a healthier planet?



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