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Increased scale equals decreased efficancy.  As much as 1/16th inch of scale decreases efficiency by 17%.  Click here to learn more about how HydroFlux bracelets act not only as anti-scalant but as a de-scalant.


In head to head comparisons, HydroFlux treated water demonstrated fewer CFU counts than chemically treated water.  Click here to lean more and to see the actual study data published.


Traditionally, companies have used vast amounts of hazardous chemicals, toxic to humans and the environment to prevent corrosion in their water systems.  Click here to learn how HydroFlux technology can potentially eliminate all chemical use.



HydroFlux Technology started in 2013, inspired by a quest for better methods of water conservation. To our surprise, one of the biggest consumers of water was not from personal use but rather from the vast industrial water cooling towers used by large corporations. Delving deeper, not only are these towers horribly inefficient in water utilization, the sewage created by treatment of these cooling towers is extremely toxic to the environment. These issues evolved the goal from just water conservation to a more comprehensive eco-friendly approach. The solution we discovered is in the form of our patented rare-earth magnetics which can control the vast intrinsic problems water cooling towers have as well as the complications created by current treatment of water cooling towers. Please click here for an Operations Overview of our technology.





For any inquiries or to view our US patent, please call: 310-986-1550 or email aliumd@hydroflux.com

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