The current most common method of controling scale is through the use of harsh chemical acids such as highly concentrated sulfuric acid.  Though somewhat effective as an anti-scalant, these acids are highly corrosive and toxic to the environment as well.  The overwhelming use of these acids only shift the problem from scale formation to a problem with corrosion of the inner linings of the entire water cooling tower system.  Langelier Saturation Index calculations (LSI) in these systems overwhelming suggest corrosion trends which then require additional hazardous anti-corrosion chemicals to be added to combat the effect of the acids.  The solution to this is not to continue to treat the symptoms of the "sick" tower but rather to eliminate the cause which in this case is the use of highly concentrated corrosive anti-scalant acids.  Though our bracelets do not directly affect corrosive elements, by elminating the tower's dependence on acid to reduce scale, HydroFlux technology through its superior anti-scalant ability allows cooling tower managers to drastically reduce acid use and often times completely eliminate the use of acids in tower maintenance.


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