Across the globe on a daily basis, millions of gallons of process water are polluted by the addition of toxic chemicals for the prevention of scale.  The reason behind this is formation of scale costs billions of dollars in decreased efficiency; 1/4 inch of scale requires 40% more energy to heat water.


Our solution is the innovative eco-friendly HydroFlux patented magnetic bracelets.  This magnetohydrodynamic device offers the most efficacious answer to control of scale formation. Not only does it prevent scale formation, it acts as a powerful anti-scalant.  The 1 Tesla magnetic force exerted on the water causes a rapid cyrstallization of the calcium carbonate (CaCO3), preventing it from being able to "stick" onto the inner walls of the pipes.  The crystals remain inert in solution and eventually are filtered out or excreted during blowdown.


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